Another Adsense update – Learning Curve

So far I have succumbed to 3 adsense ready websites (which are not as bad as I first thought), 2 blogs and approximately hundreds of ebooks and mini sites all offering to tell me how to be successful with adsense.

The Adsense ready sites are ok to get some search engine results going (I thought). Most of the content is provided by the use of free articles from article sites such as article-emporium . Articles are available on many subjects for free. The only condition seems to be that you must include details about the author, including links to websites. Some of these articles are very interesting and well written. After buying the sites I suddenly realised that if 500 people buy the same site from the vendor, it follows that Google will have 500 sitemaps submitted all bearing the same content. I emailed the guy selling the sites and after a day or two received a reply confirming this fact. I have read that Google will not index sites which have duplicate content in them but do not know how accurate the information is. If you have experience of this please post a reply.

I submitted the sitemaps a couple of weeks ago and one of the sites (this one), was getting indexed quite well, with 62 pages listed as being in the Google index. I was feeling quite optimistic about this fact. Yesterday, Google adsense, Adwords and sitemaps were all unavailable for quite a few hours. When I checked the indexed pages today the number has dropped from 62 to about 20. Could this be the duplicate content getting the pages removed? I will have to see if they all disappear.

I have now started to significantly alter the ready made sites by writing some articles myself. Now, I am by no means a fantastic writer but I think my efforts will be acceptable and maybe with practice mildy enjoyable. Hopefully this will allow better acceptance of the sites in the Google index.

I will have to wait and see. 


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