When did you last go to the gym?

I had never really concentrated on diet and calories etc. I just ate anything I liked and enjoyed it. Beer, crisps, chocolate, everything guaranteed to fatten you up. It was the fact that I did very little exercise that allowed my weight to creep up. My job didn't help as I was a delivery driver at the time. Spending all day on your backside, smoking cigarettes and eating junk food is not recommended believe me!

I walked into the bedroom after taking a shower and I passed the mirror. Something caught my eye. Shit! I suddenly realised I was getting to be quite a fatty. My stomach was protruding far more than could be called sexy and my chest was beginning to develop the infamous man boobs. This was a turning point for me. It actually upset me a great deal at first but after lots of thought, it gave me the motivation to look at my lifestyle and my diet. First on the agenda was to eat less junk food, replacing it with healthy alternatives. Out went pies, crisps, chocolate and McDonalds. These were replaced with turkey or ham sandwiches on wholewheat bread (no butter or margarine), a variety of fruit and nuts with water to drink (exciting!) Initially giving up comfort food was difficult but after a week or so it stopped bothering me. 

Second step was to increase my exercise regime to include at least 3 visits a week to the gym. By increase, I mean I actually started to go regularly. Initially I found it very difficult and training resulted in aches and pains in places I didn't know I had. Two weeks on and everything was going great. Aches and pains had subsided as my body became accustomed to exercising. A combination of weight training and cardio had reduced my weight by nearly 6 pounds in two weeks! A good result!

This good behaviour lasted about three months in which I lost nearly two stones (28pounds). I looked better and felt better. The thing I remember most of this time was how happy I felt. Ok, so I had the occasional choccy bar and I was still smoking and drinking but I was slimmer, happier and very slightly healthier!

I began to fade after the fourth month. The weight loss had slowed and I had only lost another 4-5 pounds. My resolve was cracking and old habits were returning. Bacon butties for breakfast, chips for dinner followed by coke and a choccy bar. I was slipping but thought it would be ok. How wrong was I? The weight returned and my figure was doomed.

To be continued…. 


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