Doctor Who – Love and Monsters

This weeks episode was to say the least, silly. Featuring Peter Kay as Victor Kennedy (and later in the episode as the "Abzorbaloff") we were treated to flashbacks of previous episodes from the series. The shop dummies attacking, the space ship hitting Big Ben, Torchwood and Bad Wolf all get a mention.

The chase at the beginning was a bit off for me and you don't see enough of the Doctor and Rose in this episode.

It rolls along and finishes quite nicely, especially the line from Ursula about the relationship.

Definitely worth watching again. Unfortunately there are only 3 episodes remaining in this series, after which we will not see the lovely Billie Piper as Rose. This is a great shame as I think she has portrayed Rose Tyler brilliantly.

Anyway, I thought it was good tv and look forward to next weeks episode. 


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