Did I do the right thing?

We went out today. On the way, a car stopped in front of us. At first I thought "what the hell is this idiot doing" but as the driver got out of the car, I spotted the reason for stopping. A squirrel was sat quite still in the middle of the road. At first glance it looked ok but then it became obvious that it had been run over.

A vehicle had crushed its rear end and its legs were out behind him but it sat quite still. A lady had emerged from the car in front and tried to pick the squirrel up but it bit her hand quite badly and she dropped it. It began to drag itself across the road using only its front legs.

As an animal lover this was a rather distressing thing to witness as it must have been in great pain. If I had caught it and taken it to a vet they would have put it to sleep as it was obviously beyond help.

I ended the squirrels life to prevent it from dying a slow painful death. At first I thought without doubt that it was the right decision, but now several hours later I feel really guilty about it. It would not have survived for long I am sure.

Did I do the right thing?


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