WooHoo! It’s Friday again

Everybody happy! Well smile then,it’s Friday. The best day of the week for most people.

If you have to work tonight, tough.

Things to do on a Friday night (if you’re not working) 

  • Have a takeaway and watch tv
  • Have a glass of wine, a takeaway and watch tv
  • sit on the bed to change your clothes for partying, fall to sleep and don’t wake up until it’s too late to go out (real downer this one)
  • Go and get pissed with friends
  • Go and visit your nan…… no scrap that one
  • soak in the bath, ignore the door, the phone and the rest of the world
  • Walk the dog, why not take him for a bottle of wine and a vindaloo. Advisable to let dog sleep in garden if you do this
  • Get drunk with total strangers in the park
  • Buy several 2 litre bottles of Frosty Jack super cider, give it to the tramps in the park, sit back, watch and enjoy!
  • Take your girlfriend/wife to the cinema
  • For a really good night out, take someone elses girlfriend/wife to the cinema (buy an extra frosty jack if doing this one)
  • Sit in a darkened room typing unfunny crap into a blog that no one may ever read
  • Build a church out of swan vestas
  • Watch an episode of prison break, following which you will need the wine and the takeaway to take the taste of crap away
  • Drink your wine, enjoy your takeaway and lie back to the musicon Later with Jools Holland
  • Wake up on the settee at 3am with a bad neck, dry mouth and cramp in your toes

Thanks again to my imaginary audience of millions, thousands, hundreds? 3! And they’re at work!


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