Sucked into the Adsense frenzy and being very disappointed

I came across the google adsense scheme a few weeks ago, purely by accident. On first impressions it seemed to easy to be true. All you have to do is create a website with great content and get thousands of people to visit it. Then you are to assume people will click like mad on your ads and you collect the cash in a wheel barrow.

Well, I was having some of this for sure!

First task was to pick a subject for my site. This alone proved harder than I expected. Initially my work and hobbies came to mind so I started to research computers, exercise and weight loss. Computer repairs are my bread and butter provider. The majority of work involves spyware and virus laden home computers. The hobby or should I say obsession is weight training and exercise, lifting weights at least 3-4 times a week.

What I did not expect was to be confronted by so many sites on my chosen subjects, literally thousands of them!

And yes, you guessed it, all full of adsense ads. This was my first disappointment in my trail to adsense riches and the easy life, and I hadn't even produced a single page of website content yet. Next day I came prepared with renewed vigour and optimism for the task at hand. I would simply create a better site than the competition and poach their traffic, easy. Hah!
I reached the conclusion that I was not going to be the Michael Angelo of the internet after several hours of attemped web design ended in frustration. I returned to google for help with designing adsense websites that make money. Instead of any useful advice I was inundated with offers of "secrets of adsense riches" and "How to make $14000 a week with adsense"

I pursued several of these offers of "secrets" and "riches" further, only to be transported to a sales letter page offering me a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy ebooks containing said secrets. "but wait there's more " buy today and get free bonuses worth $1400.Typically these include more versions and re-writes of the same subjects and also how to make even more money than before. I was informed that this special price had to end at midnight and would never be repeated!

The special price was strangely still available the following day.

Up to now, I have downloaded large quantities of free ebooks, given free by simply entering my name and email address. A fantastic way to build a potential customer list! I have also bought a couple of Adsense ready websites, simply because they were pitched to me so well. I have registered domains and host the sites myself. Adsense earnings from the sites is currently at $0.07 after several weeks. I have followed the guru given advice on how to get up the google rankings in 2 days and make massive profits with little success up to now. The sites receive little or no visitors every week and it may not change

Google are onto the readymade site scam and don't index duplicate content sites (apparently). I created the google sitemaps to make sure my pages are indexed quicker. Not much happening yet though. You can see the aforementioned adsense ready websites at M1T.CO.UK and . Draw your own conclusions regarding value for money of the adsense ready website.

It seems the real way to make easy money is to sell the Adsense dream to the people wanting to give it a try. Superb products like Michael Cheneys Adsense Videos will have your bank account over flowing in no time at all. Or why not take a look at The Rich Jerk website.

To be fair these guys spend a lot of time and effort producing these products. I could have dropped to the floor when I saw a friend in a video testimonial on the rich jerk site. Of course I had to contact him and he swears he has made good money using the product. I am going to persevere with different angles and ideas for adsense but I don't think I will be buying that new BMWSport any time soon.


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