ebuyer.com – Excellent store to buy computers, hardware and accessories at best prices

I found ebuyer completely by chance. I was immediately impressed with the product range, stretching across a wide spectrum of categories. If you are looking for a complete desktop pc or a new laptop the prices are very good, typically starting from £235 without a monitor. They also offer most components and accessories you may need.

My weakness is for LCD televisions and ebuyer don't disappoint with a good choice of brands and screen sizes including the latest HD Ready models.
Each item has a review facility available for previous buyers to pass comment about their purchases. A very handy tool when you are looking to spend a few quid but want to be sure it's worth it.

Delivery costs vary depending on the service you want, with next day being the most expensive choice. I have purchased several items from ebuyer and have always found it a painless experience, even when having to return a faulty item.

I would highly recommend a visit to ebuyer.com where I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and low prices.

Obviously it will not have gone smoothly for everyone using ebuyer but a company supplying so many items is bound to have an occasional error.

Personally I will be sticking with them for any future goodies that take my fancy.


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